Every day, our products support the treatment and rehabilitation of patients at medical centres and nursing homes in many European countries.
We are pleased to be able to contribute to saving lives and improving the health of patients all over the world!

Medical equipment

As the manufacturer of all products we offer, we are able to customize some furniture and accessory specifications in order to meet your needs.
In this way, our products further contribute to ensuring full and effective medical care.

Medical furniture

We provide hospital facilities with medical furniture designed by our designers and biomedical engineers and distinguished not only by their functionality and quality of construction, but also by their aesthetics.

Our offer includes a range of beds for hospitals, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, and neonatal units, as well as operating tables, cabinets, aluminium build-in furniture, and bedside tables.

Equipment and accessories

We offer accessories and medical equipment for many branches of medicine, including anaesthesiology, urology, surgery, and gynaecology:

  • defibrillators and diffusion pumps,
  • gastroscopes and laryngoscopes,
  • chairs and medical lamps,
  • blood glucose meters and IV poles
  • and hundreds of other accessories which improve patient treatment.