SIMED SMCFE-VME-2300 Video Gastroscope and Colonoscope

SIMED SMCFE-VME-2300 Video Gastroscope and Colonoscope

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Gastroscope and colonoscope set

Primary features

  • Integrated, space-saving design
    Integrated imaging processor with light source, convenient movement
  • Freeze function
    This feature helps doctors record the procedure clearly.
  • (HbE) Hemoglobin improvement.
    Image processing function: HbE. Helps to better observe small capillaries
  • LED light source
    Equipped with a built-in LED light source that ensures high quality endoscopic images
    endoskopowe. Long service life minimises both
    maintenance time and operating costs.


SVME-2300 Imaging processor


  • Video output: Y/C, DVI, RGB, SYNC, AV
  • Image enhancement: E-enhanced mucosal morphology or profile improves the sharpness of endoscopic images. Profile enhancement.
  • Colour tone correction: “R”, “B” regulation: ± 50 levels
  • Brightness adjustment: “Y” adjustment: ± 50 levels
  • Storage/recording: Endoscopic images can be saved for later review. Up to 16 images may be saved.
  • Levels/modes: OFF, 1, 2, or 3
  • Metering mode: Medium, High
  • White balance: White balance switch for white balance adjustment.


  • Voltage: 110V/220V ~ AC (± 10%)
  • Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz

Air pump

  • Air flow rate: ≥ 5 l/min
  • Air pressure: 30-80 kPa
  • Lighting

    • LED lamp
    • Colour temperature ≥ 3200 k


    • High resolution images
      Equipped with a high resolution CCD and digital processing system.
    • Additional instrument channel.
      The larger Ø 3.2mm instrument channel for the gastroscope and Ø 4.2 mm for the colonoscope enable a wide range of procedures.
      * Customized products.
    • The latest handle.
      A new handle has been developed which is more comfortable to handle. In addition, it is lighter and thinner than before.
    Model Working length Diameter of the
    insertion tube
    Depth of field Diameter
    Instrument channel
    Field of view Bend range
    Video gastroscope SVME-98 1050mm 9.6mm 3-100mm 2.8mm 140° U210°D90°L100°R100°
    SVME-92 1050mm 9.0mm 3-100mm 2.8mm 140° U210°D90°L100°R100°
    Video Colonoscope SVME-1300 1300mm 12.8mm 3-100mm 3.7mm 140° U180°D180°L160°R160°
    SVME-1650 1650mmv

    12.8mm 3-100mm 3.7mm 140° U180°D180°L160°R160°


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